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I am an expert in maths/statistics who, after studying for many years European soccer leagues, has created a software which analyses every single match of the European leagues. The software is very selective and chooses to bet only on c.a. 3% of the analyzed matches.

During 1998-99 I have followed 10 leagues: Italy A, B; England PL, FD; Germany; France; Belgium; Portugal; Spain; Scotland. The software has analyzed 2516 matches choosing 76 to bet.

I have bet with just 2 different bookmakers to chose better odds.

The result, considering each bet as 1 unit, has been +13.75.

Next year the result will be better because I have intention to open more accounts with different bookmakers and because the software will be more accurate.

I have no intention of selling forecasts on the matches or the software. I am looking for people who are interested to share the benefits and the costs of the method.

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