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Soccer Betting Fund (SBF) is a collective system to bet on soccer.

The matches to bet on are chosen with a special software. The bets are placed with online bookmakers.

SBF started on 1st August 1999 and its value is 10.000 (ten) Euro. In order to join the system you need to buy shares. The assigned number of shares depends on the sum invested by each individual and on the value of the SBF at the time of the investment.

To cover expenses, the odds (the highest odds chosen amongst several bookmakers) will be decreased by 2%.

For example if SBF bets on a match quoted 1.5, the official odds will be 1.47.

So expenses will only be deducted on the winnings.


How to join

  1. Send an e-mail to with Name and complete address.
  2. Wait for SBF to respond giving the following details:

Account number;


Method of payment.

  1. Make the payment and send details to SBF.
  2. Wait for SBF to respond giving:

Number of shares assigned;

Starting of investment.

The value of SBF is in EURO. All the payment must be in EURO. Any other currency will be transformed with the current rate of exchange.

How to cash the shares

  1. Send an e-mail to with Name, Account number, password and the number of shares to cash.
  2. Wait for the SBF cheque which will be sent by registered post after 2 or 3 working days.



The charge for opening an Account is 2 EURO.

The charge for cashing shares (cheque via registred post) is 6 EURO.


Last update 15/09/99